Not much to this recipe but it turned out great.  If you have ever had the Lemongrass Chicken from Cafe Asia (local to the DC area) this recipe is a close knock-off.  The chicken can be cooked either under a broiler, on the stovetop (preferably a grill pan) or on the grill.  Whenever I cook […]

Since we’re now a few weeks into the fall season why not celebrate with some pumpkin.  I got this recipe from Andrew Schloss’s Art of the Slow Cooker and it was great, not too many ingredients and it’s done in a slow cooker.  We had this with the Apple-Stuffed Pork Loin and washed it down with some Smuttynose […]

For a long time I ignored all recipes that had the word ‘stuffed’ in the title because I assumed it required too much work or was certain to fall apart while cooking but I watched a video on Cook’s Illustrated on how to stuff and grill a pork tenderloin and figured it looked easy enough.  Step […]

Recently my wife got me a recipe book Where There’s Smoke by Barton Seaver and while many of the recipes require alot of prep work and complex ingredients, I found one that is fairly simple and is definitely a keeper.  I did put extra chimichurri sauce on my plate however, I highly recommend against eating it because […]

After finding this recipe on serious eats I figured it would go well as a side to our fajitas what I wasn’t expecting to find was a dish that I will be making for years to come.  My wife is a HUGE queso fan and after trying this she said that the street corn “might be better […]

If you’re looking for a pretty solid marinade for fajitas this is one that seems like an odd combination but worked really well.  Although I really wanted to use skirt steak, the grocery store only had flank steak so that’s what we went with.  I grilled the steak but it can also be cooked on […]

One of my favorite things is a good peanut sauce that you can put on almost any type of protein (especially pork and chicken).  I’ve tried making several variations of different peanut sauces and I think this is one of the better ones.  The next time I make this sauce I will try it on […]